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Hi Ofra!

If I was to come up with a theme for this webpage, it would probably be along the lines of "organized chaos".... just a collection of some of the stuff that runs through my head...

p.s.: Life is short, try to cherish and enjoy each moment you have...

About my violoncello... and the one who got me hooked on the beautiful instrument.
It only took one time to turn me into a DDR Freak (Thanks! :-)
The same friend that got me into DDR also pointed me towards these: Cerebrals, Intertel, HPS, and Mensa...
I'd love to get close to a Cheetah.
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is an astrophysicist/author who has transposed signals from space into music.
Halle Berry's official site is Hallewood.
I've been a Mariah Carey fan since Someday long ago...
Beyonce of Destiny's Child.
Like, Wo, here's Mya's space on the web.
JoJo's voice is taking the world by storm.
Check out Gaffaweb - A tribute to Kate Bush and her fans.
Loreena McKennitt is another wonderful Canadian (Ofra played on one of her discs too.)
Sheila Chandra has an incredible vocal instrument.
The official Rush page.
Rasputina is a trio of classically-trained cellists with a unique playing style.
The Bond quartet sounds awesome!
Apocalyptica (Metallica by four cellos)
The Great Kat Classical/Metal guitarist/violinist.
Internet Cello Society.
Jean-Luc and Clara Ponty.
The Magic of Vanessa-Mae.
To get into some really cool sounds, check out Jean Michel Jarre.
The official homepage of Tangerine Dream.
Check out the homepage of Sphera.
My favorite cartoon: Pinky and The Brain.
My favorite PC can be found at Amiga International, Inc.
When I'm not busy playing the 'cello or hacking around on a PC, you'll probably find me close to a PlayStation. is addicting...
Hackaday even more so.
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